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East Cowes Victoria Athletic Ladies

Hampshire County Ladies Division 3 Sunday 17 November @ 2:00 pm Privett Park / Bookers Field

Going into the game we knew as a team that Gosport had only earlier in the week made an announcement on social media that they had appointed a new manager/coaching staff and new players, we as a team recognised a few of their players from various teams.
Starting with a strong 11 we kicked off and dominated the game from the start, our midfield pressed and attacked their defence and within 10 mins we were already taking shots, but unfortunately went wide. A long goal kick from their player taking the ball to the half way line, Gosport tried tirelessly to get the ball passed the half way line, Ayisha and team captain Kath were quick to scoop up any ball that entered their space. Abi and Delphine on each side of the wings were strong taking the ball up the park to a waiting Ellie Witty who again went wide.
Eighteen minutes into the game Vics were awarded a free kick which captain Kath stepped up for, the beautiful free kick unfortunately landed in the arms of their waiting keeper. Our own gk Natalie Blandford could only stand on her own goal mouth with nothing to do as the Vics Ladies completely dominated the Gosport half.
Our defence was tested twice in the first half, with both Carmen Simonds stepping forward and intercepting a Gosport striker and made a lovely pass to Abi Joyce who again made a mammoth run up the wing to a waiting Chloe Oliver, who again missed the goal. Gosport made the second attempt at getting through our midfield and unlucky for them they tried to get through our strong defence. Our youngest player Eloise then intercepted and scooped the ball around the attacking striker and made a beautiful run up the wing to a waiting Delphine Davis who managed to not only pass one but three Gosport players. Delphine was trying to get the ball onto her right foot and when she did she too went wide missing the goal.
HT 0-0
Through the HT break the girls extremely frustrated as in theory we should have been 5-0 up. Assistant Manager Lisa Woodward reminded the girls to remain positive and the goal would come. She also reminded them to not take their foot off the pedal and to keep attacking. Throughout the second half, again our own gk had very little to do. Our midfield and wingers worked hard to push us into a goal scoring position. The first goal came on the 55th min when a shot from Delphine Davis was spilled by their gk, which dropped to the feet of Chloe Oliver to finish from close range. The girls celebrated Jimmy Bullard style….. . We kicked off and again with our foot to the pedal, another goal soon came, this time from captain Kath Leavold. Vics Ladies had finally settled into game and were fully in control. Three minutes later a corner was awarded, captain Kath stepped up to take, this however was changed by assistant manager Lisa Woodward with defender Eloise Powell-Rowland taking the corner. Kath was sent into the box and a perfect corner was met by Kath who found the net to make it 3-0. Ellie Witty was substituted which meant Eloise was pushed from defence upto a striker. We had to wait 8 minutes for the final goal to come, again another lovely goal from our youngest member of the team Eloise.
Ayisha Keyes was taken off as a centre midfielder and replaced by Paula Cotton. Ayisha dominated that position and played exceptionally well. Paula going into that spot meant big shoes had to be filled and again she didn’t disappoint, both these ladies were a stronghold in midfield.
The final two subs came when Eloise was moved forward, this meant Emily Weeks moved to right back and Abi Joyce was taken off the wing and replaced with Nemecia Snook, both girls did amazingly and with game time both of them will gain more experience and confidence.
FT: Gosport Borough Ladies 0 – 4 Vics Ladies

Gosport Borough Ladies 0 - 4 East Cowes Victoria Athletic Ladies

  • Sunday 17 November 2019 @ 2:00 pm
  • Hampshire County Ladies Division 3 
  • Privett Park / Bookers Field
  • Referee: Gan Brindley
Nemecia Snook Abi Joyce
Emily Weeks Ellie Witty
Paula Cotton Ayisha Keyes

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